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Week 3 Fantasy Football News and Notes

September 24, 2009

For two weeks the 49ers have been screaming at us to believe in them as a legitimate team.  They have passed two huge tests – Seattle and Arizona – and look to week three to complete their coming out party against the 2-0 Minnesota Vikings.  There is no question Frank Gore is legit.  This week will tell us if the rest of the 49ers are poised to follow.

Will the real Matt Schaub please stand up.  He went from fantasy bust in week 1 to a fantasy stud in week 2.  Look for week 3 against the Jags to flip the scales in favor of fantasy stud.  He is not going to be a top 5 QB (he will not at all resemble Drew Brees or anything), but he will be a solid start in most weeks.  Let’s face it, if Schaub is your #1 QB, you drafted him late enough to solidify the rest of your team.

Kurt Warner is not done yet.  Drew Brees is what I said he was, the premier player in fantasy sports this season.  Mark Sanchez can throw well when they let him.  Darren Sproles, at this point in their careers, is clearly a better option than LT.

The only player worth starting consistently for the Rams is Stephen Jackson.  As soon as they start throwing him the ball, he will live up to his top 7 RB rating.  The Rams are a pretty good lock to go 0-16 (2-14 at best) and will be the #1 team to draft in 2010 where they will almost certainly take there shot at a franchise QB (NOT Tim Tebow).

I was very high on 2 WRs before this season started and they have just not performed to potential through week 2.  Laverneus Coles had a TD last week but has been invisible on every other play.  Part of this is due to the emergence of Chris Henry.  The other is the reemergence of Ocho Cinco. The third, and probably most significant reason is that he has yet to develop a chemistry with Carson Palmer.  Once Carson gets more comfortable playing again, look for Coles to become more of a factor.  The other WR is Derrick Mason.  He is the only WR on the Ravens who has yet to catch a TD (he only has 7 catches for 78 yards).  I think that Joe Flacco is trying to get acquainted with the rest of his corp and will lean on Mason later in the season when the stakes are higher and he needs someone to trust.

Week 3 SLEEPERS : Mike Sims-Walker (JAX vs. HOU), Patrick Crayton (DAL vs. CAR), Devon Hester (CHI vs. SEA), Byron Leftwich (TB vs. NYG), Ray Rice (BAL vs. CLE)

Week 3 SLIPPERS : Mark Bulger (STL vs. GBP), Jamal Lewis (CLE vs. BAL), Cedric Benson (CIN vs. PIT), Chris Johnson (TEN vs. NYJ – start him but don’t expect fireworks), Kevin Smith (DET vs. WAS)

That’s it for this week.  Please remember to follow me on twitter :

Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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  1. tacbob permalink
    September 24, 2009 2:37 pm

    Not fantasy but have to comment …

    The reason the Chargers are 1-1 is Norv Turner. Third and goal with 10 seconds left and you kick a field goal. Are you kidding me, with the weapons you have on offense? With the height of your receivers? Not to mention Gates. Bad decision! Bad timing! Now you are 1-1.

    • misteraday permalink*
      September 24, 2009 3:40 pm

      Great point. Don’t forget the 4th and 2 running play against the freaking Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are not going to give anybody, much less a 5-5 180 lb. running back, that 1st down. Too many weapons to not have won that game. There defense scares me because they give up too many points and don’t shut down 3rd downs enough for my liking. Vincent Jackson is legit. Chargers will be 11-5 and be the 3rd seed in the AFC.

  2. watrous permalink
    September 25, 2009 12:00 am

    Did you ramdomly pick this week’s sleepers?

    Week 3 SLEEPERS : Mike Sims-Walker (JAX vs. HOU), Patrick Crayton (DAL vs. CAR), Devon Hester (CHI vs. SEA), Byron Leftwich (TB vs. NYG), Ray Rice (BAL vs. CLE)

    Crayton…maybe, but Felix will be running the ball too much for Romo to bother looking much further than Witten.
    Knox is the go to guy in Chicago and Olsen was targeted several times last week and should be able to haul them in this week. Hester will have to get a return TD or two to be a sleeper break out.
    Leftwich will be on his back too much to throw farther than 10yds.
    Rice isn’t much of a sleeper. Great yards but very few TDs will be his whole season.

    • misteraday permalink*
      September 25, 2009 9:09 am

      I think that you have good grasp of what is apparent for this sports weekend. However, let me defend my sleepers just a bit. Carolina is and has been susceptible to the big play over the last 6 games (see NFC playoffs last year). Crayton is bound to get loose downfield and no matter what is going on in a game, Romo loves to throw the deep ball. Devon Hester is this year’s version of Bernard Barrian for the Bears. Again, Hester is not the main target for Cutler as far as number of catches. But he has been targeted for 6 passes of more than 30 yards this season and I look for at least two of those to connect this weekend vs. and untested Seattle secondary (only played SF and ST. Louis, hardly deep QB threats). Leftwich will be on his back early and often. However, against the high scoring Giant offense he will have to keep getting up and throwing the ball. Look for 80-90 first half yards, but 150-200 2nd half yards. I chose Rice as a sleeper this week because most experts are telling you to go with McGahee. Your logic is right on with the idea that Rice runs between the 20s and McGahee gets the ball in the red zone. However, against the pathetic Cleveland run defense, look for Rice to go over 100 yards and break at least one long TD run.

      I appreciate your comments keep them coming. If you are right, please give me an “I told you so” comment on Monday. This blog is always welcome to some sideline sizzle.

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