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2012 NFL Fantasy Football Players Undervalued vs. Overated

September 6, 2012

  Its been a while but I’m back.  I’m older now.  I’m a Dad.  But I still am looking to give you the inside information and opinion on the world of sports.

This 2 -part edition features my Undervalued vs. Overated fantasy football list.  I may not be a payed expert but I am in 11 cash leagues so I have some vested interest in this fantasy season.  I would be a moron to have done some research before making this much of an investment.

Each entry will have the actual ADP  from ESPN fantasy leagues followed by the ADP that I believe they should have. (actual-my projection)


QB- Cam Newton (24-13)

    Newton was a juggernaut last season.  He rushed for 14 TDs.  Let that register with you.  Now take this – He threw for over 4000 yards.  In an era where passing TDs are, for the most part, worth less and less, Newton is a Hybrid option that can help you beat the point system.  He has the ball in his hands for 75% of the plays his team runs.  Drafting him just after Tom Brady seems right to me.

Other QBs to watch – Michael Vick (47-22) see CAm Newton “beating the scoring system”

                                          Jay Cutler – (91-70) see Brandon Marshall/Jay Cutler from 2009.

                                          Alex Smith – (147-110) Add Randy Moss and Marion Manning ham..should be draftede ahead of Andy Dalton

RB – Demarco Murray (19-12)

    Murray was a fantasy assassin last season when he became the starting RB for the Cowboys.  He had a 200 yard game, scored from the goal line, and caught everything thrown his way.  He has all the tools that Leshon McCoy has and can be gotten a round later and $20 cheaper.  If he stays healthy,  expect Run DMC numbers.

Other RBs to watch – Fred Jackson (32-20) – Forget CJ Spiller, Jackson is the MAN in Buffalo.  When he was the man last year he was nasty.

                                            Trent Richardson (34-22) – Was being drafted top 10 for a while.  Got hurt.  Get him cheap and you can draft WR early.

                                           Deangelo Williams (96-60) – Will get lots of touches.  Is an elite back and focus on Newton will help.

WR – Reggie Wayne (76-35

     Wayne is an all-pro who played with Peyton Manning and achieved greatness.  He was not like Austin Collie or Brandon Stokely who are roll players who were made into stars by Peyton Manning.  Playing for a team that will have to throw and with a rookie QB that can sling it, Wayne will provide more returns than 7-10 of the WRs being drafted ahead of him.

Other WRs to watch – Justin Blackmon (92-65) – Only WR that can catch anythin thrown by Gabbert.  They will have to throw.

                                            Malcolm Floyd  (103-80) – 80 is still low but I’ll give myself some cushion.  Rivers #1 could be top 10.

                                             Randy Moss (134 – 100) – A motivated Randy Moss is a dangerous Randy Moss.  Harbaugh will motivate.

TE – Jermichael Finley (63-43

    I truly believe, and have for several years, that Jermichael has the most upside of any TE in the NFL.  Green Bay spreads the ball around and look to play match-ups.  A healthy Finley is uncoverable by safeties and LBs.  IF he remains healthy, his season could resemble last years Jordy Nelson.

Other TEs to watch – Greg Olson (127-80) – Greg Olson coould be top 5 in TEs, Newton throws to them, Shockey is gone

                                         Jared Cook (130-100) – Athletic as Jimmy Graham, plays with Locker, not #1 but definately a force.

     Draft kickers last.  Only the 49ers defense is worth an earlier pick (and I have picked them as early as the 9th round).  I believe there 6 games vs. Seattle, St. Louis, and Arizona make them clearly #1.  I will be back with the rest soon.

      Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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