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Sting’s Comeback Secnario

February 14, 2014

The scene is set. February 24th in Green Bay, WI. Undertaker has already been booked to make his return to apparently set up a work for Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans. We expect a typical I challenge somebody and they accept or whatever. However, Taker gets the mic and says that there is nothing left to prove. The Streak has conquered every opponent that it has encountered. He has defeated every Champion, Hero, and Villains that the WWE has to offer. He’s defeated Hall of Famers, monsters, and family members. He says that he doesn’t see another match for him at wrestlemania as there are no wrestlers left in the WWE that have the status of an ICON that have deemed themselves worthy. The purplish-blue light that he basks in shuts off for a good 10 seconds. A spotlight turns on and focuses on a black baseball bat that is now at his feet in the ring. He picks it up and looks up to the Wresltemania XXX sign above the ring. Right above it, in the rafters, we see a Crow perched on the railing.
We hit to commercial and when we return we replay the highlights. Cole and JBL comment that they think they know what the bat and crow represented but that as far as they know they WWE does not have any new superstars under contract. The King points out that the lights went out right after Taker mentioned that no ICONS were left to challenge the streak. They go on to promo the WWE network launch and show some highlights which happen to include Sting with the crow and the baseball bat. They never mention the name Sting on the show and allow the internet to do it for them. They build it till Raw in Chicago and attempt to quell some of the insane backlash they are going to get from CM Punk fans by having Sting make a WWE debut that has been 30 years in the making.

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