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5 Up and 5 Down for 2015 Fantasy Football

July 31, 2015

Welcome to the 70% Blog

70% of the time, I’m right every time.

UPs ^

1) Andre Johnson– He is the best WR Andrew Luck has ever had and while he is not necessarily in his prime he is not over the hill.  Look for the most TD catches he has ever gotten in his pro bowl career to happen this season.

Forecast : 95 catches – 1245 yds – 11 TDs

2) Matt Forte – Am I missing something or is this still the same Matt Forte who is pretty much the only back in Chicago and gets as many targets as the Wrs?  Sometimes going in 2nd round is ridiculous.  He should be top 5.

Forecast : 1355 Rushing yds –  65 catches – 788 Receiving yds -13 total TD

(Update- I’m a little down on Forte since preseason games.  He is a good low end #1)

3) Owen Daniels – Peyton Manning makes TEs.  Guys who no one has heard of (Julius Thomas, Dallas Clark, etc) and turned them into fantasy gold.  Enter Daniels who already has been to a pro bowl with poor-average QB play.  Top 5 seems likely.

Forecast :  78 Catches – 988 yds – 9 TD

4) Colin Kaepernick – A Qb that runs and passes in the playoffs but (until this season) only passes during the regular season.  I think with Harbaugh gone he will run and pass his way into the top 10 Qbs.

(Update – I don’t like Kap in leagues where 300 passing yds are a huge bonus)

Forecast : 3388 Passing yds – 833 Rushing yds – 26 Total TD

5) Keenan Allen – After an off year in 2014, I expect the breakout season that everyone was expecting for the former Cal standout.  Parlay that with Antonio Gates missing the 1st 4 games of the season and you have true bull market potential.

Forecast : 85 catches – 1111 yds – 10 TD


1) Alshon Jeffery – Until Jay Cutler proves he can be somewhat consistent in this offense I’m selling Alshon.  The talent is there but he thrived when defenses had to account for B. Marshall.  Don’t think he finishes in top 10 WR in production.

Forecast : 77 catches- 1011 yds – 9 TD

2) Frank Gore – As much as I love the move of Andre to the Colts, I can’t get behind Gore as a top 15 rb.  He is old and has been on the decline for several years.  There are also a lot of young guys in the fold ready to pounce if he slows more.

Forecast : 773 Rushing yds – 338 Receiving yds – 7 total TD

3) Ryan Tannehill – I guess I’m the only one who thinks this guy is just a guy.  He is pretty much a back-up qb starting for a mediocre team (as proven by the zero playoff appearances he has had).  Don’t believe the hype.

Forecast : 3654 Passing Yds – 288 Rushing Yds – 25 total TD

4) Jeremy Hill – I like this guy but he is on my down list for two reasons : Gio Bernard and Andy Dalton.  Bernard will steal some touches and Dalton’s poor performance will lead to defenses taking away the run more.

(Update – The more Iook at Hill, the more I see Andy Dalton’s lack of skill as a reason to be higher on JH).

Forecast : 1333 Rushing yds – 303 Receiving yds – 12 Tds

5) Travis Kelce – Buzz is huge on this guy and I assume it solely based on the # of catches he had (87).  Even a repeat performance from last year should not constitute a top 5 selection.  I’ see him (#4 ranked TE) and Daniels (#15) as equals.

Forecast : 78 catches – 889 Yards – 6 Tds

That’s my early take. Camps just started and there have been no pre-season games.  Things will change but I’ll stick to these predictions.

Have a goodnight and drive home safely.

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