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Angels Need to Make these 2 Moves

January 19, 2016

The Angels have done NOTHING this off-season that would indicate that they are a championship contender.  This is the second year where they have signed C- players to fill rolls that need B or  B+ to be successful.  This year they traded their top prospect and starting (former all-star) shortstop for the best defensive SS in baseball who, unfortunately, hits worse than most of the starting shortstops in baseball.  It s a cluster right now but I can save it.

  1. Trade CJ Wilson, Carlos Perez and Nick Tropeano to Milwaukee for Johnathon Lucroy

This will require Angels to pay probably 80% of Wilson’s last contract year.  It gives them a Top tier catcher for the first time ever (sorry Bob Boone and Lance Parrish).  They move a young catcher who becomes expendable and a young pitcher who they would have little use for this season.  You signed Soto to be an experienced back-up and Lucroy can DH on his off days when Pujols is healthy enough to play the field.  More importantly, this opens up cap space to….

2. Sign Yoenis Cespedes to a 5 year , $110 million dollar contract

Now that you have the tier one catcher and have gotten Wilson’s salary off the books you can get the last top tier FA left on the market.  Cespedes brings a pop to the center of the line-up and a canon arm in LF.  They now have a say in the “best outfield in baseball” argument with Trout and Calhoun making up the starters.  Best of all, you now fit under the luxury tax threshold.  Arte can rest better at night, the Angels fans have a great season ahead with huge expectations (rather than visions of wildcards and first round exits), and the team is solid top to bottom.

That’s it.  Two moves that move the team to a projected 3rd place finish in the division to a favorite in the division and a World Series contender.  Have a goodnight and drive home safely.


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