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HIMYM F.E. Haters need to stop

April 1, 2016

Enough already.  Every time another person chimes in with their disdain for the final episode of How I Met Your Mother it seems to be more and more ridiculous.  The nonsense that is spewed out by these fair-weathered fans of, in my opinion, one of the greatest comedies of the 21st century, has gotten out o hand.  People don’t just hate the last final episode.  They hate it so much that they feel like, and I quote “it ruined the series” or “I feel like my time watching the first 8 seasons was a waste”.  The level of criticism has reached a fever pitch and I plan on addressing it.

There are a lot of people who hated HIMYM in general.  These words is not addressed to you.  I’m not saying that there aren’t some words that need to be said to those people.  I’m just saying that those words are no part of this.  This is about the so-called fans of the show whose lives were apparently ruined by a twist that did very little to cheapen the story as a whole and truly showed which character was central to the story.  One might wonder if they were paying attention at all.

Season 1, episode 1 was clearly about Ted and Robin.  Though the overlying narrative was about a man telling the story of how he met there mother, the show itself was about three major plot lines:  Barney Stinson’s quest for intimacy, Marshall and Lilly figuring out how to become adults, and Ted and Robin growing in and out of love.  You don’t even see more that the back of the mother’s leg until the final season.  The show is not about her.  She is a character used to get us though the overriding story lines.

To recap, the final episode of HIMYM shows 30 years of life after Barney and Robin’s wedding.  The major reveals are 1) Robin and Barney get divorced less than 3 years in. 2) Barney gets a girl pregnant and realizes that the love of his life is his baby daughter. 3) Marshall becomes an elected judge in New York  4) The mother who drives the story died of some disease 8 years before the older Ted is telling his kids the story. and 5) Ted is really telling this story to figure out if his kids think its ok for him to date Robin.  These reveals CONFIRM what we already knew the major themes were.  They do not contradict.  If befuddles me to think how much people have endeared themselves to a character that we knew nothing about for the vast majority of the show.

Even if you don’t buy that explanation.  May I urge a little perspective.  If you thought the whole show as about Ted and Tracy (the mother) living happily ever after, then you were thrown for a curve.  You might voice surprise, maybe a little disappointment.  However, disavowing the entire series is extreme even for die-hards.  A little perspective might lead one to rewatch the series and take what you know and apply it to the content.  You might find that what you thought you knew might not have been what you thought you knew.

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