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Angels Need to Make these 2 Moves

January 19, 2016

The Angels have done NOTHING this off-season that would indicate that they are a championship contender.  This is the second year where they have signed C- players to fill rolls that need B or  B+ to be successful.  This year they traded their top prospect and starting (former all-star) shortstop for the best defensive SS in baseball who, unfortunately, hits worse than most of the starting shortstops in baseball.  It s a cluster right now but I can save it.

  1. Trade CJ Wilson, Carlos Perez and Nick Tropeano to Milwaukee for Johnathon Lucroy

This will require Angels to pay probably 80% of Wilson’s last contract year.  It gives them a Top tier catcher for the first time ever (sorry Bob Boone and Lance Parrish).  They move a young catcher who becomes expendable and a young pitcher who they would have little use for this season.  You signed Soto to be an experienced back-up and Lucroy can DH on his off days when Pujols is healthy enough to play the field.  More importantly, this opens up cap space to….

2. Sign Yoenis Cespedes to a 5 year , $110 million dollar contract

Now that you have the tier one catcher and have gotten Wilson’s salary off the books you can get the last top tier FA left on the market.  Cespedes brings a pop to the center of the line-up and a canon arm in LF.  They now have a say in the “best outfield in baseball” argument with Trout and Calhoun making up the starters.  Best of all, you now fit under the luxury tax threshold.  Arte can rest better at night, the Angels fans have a great season ahead with huge expectations (rather than visions of wildcards and first round exits), and the team is solid top to bottom.

That’s it.  Two moves that move the team to a projected 3rd place finish in the division to a favorite in the division and a World Series contender.  Have a goodnight and drive home safely.



5 Up and 5 Down for 2015 Fantasy Football

July 31, 2015

Welcome to the 70% Blog

70% of the time, I’m right every time.

UPs ^

1) Andre Johnson– He is the best WR Andrew Luck has ever had and while he is not necessarily in his prime he is not over the hill.  Look for the most TD catches he has ever gotten in his pro bowl career to happen this season.

Forecast : 95 catches – 1245 yds – 11 TDs

2) Matt Forte – Am I missing something or is this still the same Matt Forte who is pretty much the only back in Chicago and gets as many targets as the Wrs?  Sometimes going in 2nd round is ridiculous.  He should be top 5.

Forecast : 1355 Rushing yds –  65 catches – 788 Receiving yds -13 total TD

(Update- I’m a little down on Forte since preseason games.  He is a good low end #1)

3) Owen Daniels – Peyton Manning makes TEs.  Guys who no one has heard of (Julius Thomas, Dallas Clark, etc) and turned them into fantasy gold.  Enter Daniels who already has been to a pro bowl with poor-average QB play.  Top 5 seems likely.

Forecast :  78 Catches – 988 yds – 9 TD

4) Colin Kaepernick – A Qb that runs and passes in the playoffs but (until this season) only passes during the regular season.  I think with Harbaugh gone he will run and pass his way into the top 10 Qbs.

(Update – I don’t like Kap in leagues where 300 passing yds are a huge bonus)

Forecast : 3388 Passing yds – 833 Rushing yds – 26 Total TD

5) Keenan Allen – After an off year in 2014, I expect the breakout season that everyone was expecting for the former Cal standout.  Parlay that with Antonio Gates missing the 1st 4 games of the season and you have true bull market potential.

Forecast : 85 catches – 1111 yds – 10 TD


1) Alshon Jeffery – Until Jay Cutler proves he can be somewhat consistent in this offense I’m selling Alshon.  The talent is there but he thrived when defenses had to account for B. Marshall.  Don’t think he finishes in top 10 WR in production.

Forecast : 77 catches- 1011 yds – 9 TD

2) Frank Gore – As much as I love the move of Andre to the Colts, I can’t get behind Gore as a top 15 rb.  He is old and has been on the decline for several years.  There are also a lot of young guys in the fold ready to pounce if he slows more.

Forecast : 773 Rushing yds – 338 Receiving yds – 7 total TD

3) Ryan Tannehill – I guess I’m the only one who thinks this guy is just a guy.  He is pretty much a back-up qb starting for a mediocre team (as proven by the zero playoff appearances he has had).  Don’t believe the hype.

Forecast : 3654 Passing Yds – 288 Rushing Yds – 25 total TD

4) Jeremy Hill – I like this guy but he is on my down list for two reasons : Gio Bernard and Andy Dalton.  Bernard will steal some touches and Dalton’s poor performance will lead to defenses taking away the run more.

(Update – The more Iook at Hill, the more I see Andy Dalton’s lack of skill as a reason to be higher on JH).

Forecast : 1333 Rushing yds – 303 Receiving yds – 12 Tds

5) Travis Kelce – Buzz is huge on this guy and I assume it solely based on the # of catches he had (87).  Even a repeat performance from last year should not constitute a top 5 selection.  I’ see him (#4 ranked TE) and Daniels (#15) as equals.

Forecast : 78 catches – 889 Yards – 6 Tds

That’s my early take. Camps just started and there have been no pre-season games.  Things will change but I’ll stick to these predictions.

Have a goodnight and drive home safely.


July 7, 2015

Am I the only person who thinks what the Spurs have done in free agency is nowhere near as good as they are getting credit for? Three of there best players (Duncan, West, and Aldridge) play the same position…a position that the Warriors proved is non-essential to winning a championship. Aldridge is great but the Spurs are still old and lack the versatility to defend smaller lineups. Playoffs for sure but conference finals and championships are far from a foregone conclusion.

Just to get on the record – Jones vs Cormier

January 2, 2015

After listening to everyone talk about this week’s big fight….I’m 100% sure that the experts are wrong and Jon Jones WILL win.

The Mr. 80% Blog

September 3, 2014

Mr. 80%


It’s a brand new year and I’m prepped and excited to deliver you the tips and hints that will help you win your fantasy football leagues and weekly games.  For first time readers my blog is dedicated to bring you 80% accurate forecasts that will allow for optimum fantasy output.  Everything in my blog will work against traditional wisdom across the industry.  2014 is upon us and it’s time for you to capitalize on Mr. 80%.

NFL Season Predictions:

  • The San Diego Chargers will finish with a better record than the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Arian Foster (RB-HOU) will be a top 6 rb at seasons end in total points.
  • Jeremy Maclin (WR-PHI) will be a top 15 WR (wanted to say top 10 but will err conservative).
  • Chris Johnson (RB-NYJ) has 1500 combined yards.
  • Nick Foles (QB-PHI) finishes as a top 4 QB in total points.
  • Andre Ellington (RB-ARZ) is top 3 in the NFC in yards from scrimmage.
  • James Jones (WR-OAK) scores more than 10 tds.
  • Brandon Cooks (WR-NOS) does NOT win rookie of the year.
  • Toby Gerhardt (RB-JAC) is top 5 in the league in total carries.
  • Carson Palmer (QB-ARZ) outscores Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, and RG3.


These are the weekly money making predictions:

  • James Jones (WR-OAK) scores a TD against the Jets

This week the Raiders named Derrick Carr the new starting QB.  In the preseason he had a good connection with the newly acquired former Packer.  The Raiders might be keen to the running game but they are also the victim of a weak defense.  They will be behind a lot and this week against the Jets will be no different, forcing them to throw alot.  James Jones has always been a TD centered WR and he gets at least one score Sunday.


  • The Saints and Falcons will combine for over 60 points

The Saints have been amongst the highest scoring offenses in the NFL since the acquisition of Drew Brees.  The Falcons are coming off a down year but have all of their tools back and a gunslinger in Matt Ryan itching to pull the trigger.  Both of the defenses are at the bottom of the pack.  This war on the quick turf will be a high flying affair with lots of passes and, more importantly, lots of trips to the end zone.  Look for a 35-28 type game.  All fantasy options should be in play.

  • Colin Kaepernick accounts for 3 Tds vs. the Cowboys

I know I predicted that Palmer outscore Kaepernick and the trio of run/pass Qbs.  However, Kaepernick will not play the Cowboys every week.  In week one he gets by far the worst defense in the NFL.  If not for the potential of a blowout I might go out on the limb and say 4.  2 in the air and 1 on the ground seem a lock.

  • Doug Martin is held under 70 yards vs. the Panthers

The rising star RB in fantasy drafts toward the end of draft season was Doug Martin.  I think it is completely deserved.  By seasons end, I expect Martin to be among the leaders in touches for all RBs.  However, I am also a big believer in the Carolina defense.  They are big and fast and play well as a unit.  I have a feeling that Ron Rivera is going to want to shut down Martin and have Josh McCown prove that last year wasn’t’ a fluke.

  • Cairo Santos will score over 12 points vs. the Titans

Who?  Exactly.  Rookie kicker Cairo Santos is set to take the PK duties for the Chiefs after the release of perennial starter Ryan Succop.  The Chiefs move the ball but the Titans are a defense that gets pretty stingy inside the red zone.  I look for minimum 3 fgs and 3 xps.  Count on more than that.

  • Riley Cooper goes for over 100 yards and a TD vs. the Jaguars

You’ll come to learn that I am all in on the Eagles this season.  I love what Nick Foles did as the starter and the sheer volume of plays that the Eagles will run.  I really like Riley Cooper who proved to have great chemistry with Nick Foles and seems to get the fast paced offense better than any Eagles WR.  Look for 10+ targets for RC.

  • Alfred Morris scores 2 TDs vs. the Texans

I like the D Line of the Texans with their great pass rush.  That being said, that rush does not translate to stopping the run.  The Texans have been susceptible to big physical runners and Morris is certainly one of those.  I’m not sure he has a big day yardage wise but I’m thinking that his 8+ red zone carries will lead to 2 trips to pay dirt.

  • Julian Edelman catches at least 11 balls vs. the Dolphins

I LOVE Edelman in all PPR formats this year.  A shaky Gronk, oft injured Amendola, and a couple of other no names leave a huge share of the receptions to #11.  Tom Brady will look to throw over to 40 times and 25-30% should head to Edelman with whom he has great confidence and rapport.

  • Chicago Bears D forces 4+ turnovers

As bad as EJ Manuel has looked this preseason I am tempted to predict a Bears defensive TD.  Regardless, they will wreak havoc on the Bills signal caller all day.  I’m not super high on the Bears defense on the season ( their division) but a visit to Buffalo should be a feast.  The Bears will score early and often.  The Bills will be forced to take to the air which does not bode well for Manuel against the ball hawks for Chicago.

  • Mike Wallace is held for under 70 yards and no Tds

I’m not as high on Ryan Tannehill as are many FF experts.  I think that he is a very average player and that his system is not geared for fantasy success.  I do think Mike Wallace is very talented and could breakout.  However, Darrel Revis waits in the wings.  Although he is not the dominant complete lockdown that he used to be, he is still talented enough to hold Wallace in check and out of the endzone.


That is the Mr. 80% forecast for Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season.  Feel free to leave feedback or tweet @adayonsports

Have a good night and drive home safely.







NBA 2K14

July 16, 2014

Observations surrounding the NBA draft, rookie summer league, and free agency.

1) If the Warriors don’t wake up and get over their overblown love of Klay Thompson they are going to be sorry.  Trading your 3rd or 4th best player for a top 10 guy in the NBA is a NO BRAINER!! I like Klay but if you get Love and Curry together that is the most explosive 1-2 scoring punch in the NBA.  If they let Love get traded to Cleveland they better look at their fingers right now because that’s the total number of rings they will have for the next 10 years.

2) Noah Vonleh is the next Chris Bosh.  Steal for the Hornets.

3)  I really like Jrue Holliday’s brother Justin who is playing summer league for the Warriors.  He has a great shot, can penetrate and knows how to pass.  Scouts say he needs to add a little weight but then again, so do I.

4) Pau Gasol definitely makes the Bulls the favorites in the East.  Lebron makes Cleveland a contender but they are nowhere near as deep as the Bulls.  Rookie Doug McDermott and Euro star Nikola Mirotic are additional additions to Chicago that make them versatile and very dangerous. Derrick Rose stays healthy and they should be in the finals.

5) The Clippers might be the most talented team in the league.  Unfortunately, they are also the team with the biggest a-holes.  From the whining of Blake Griffin and thuggery of Matt Barnes, to the constant referee working of Chris Paul, this team is full of players who don’t focus enough on the game.  Stop the whining and attempted intimidation.  Play the game and you might make it out of the 2nd round.

6) This was the first time in 5 years I’ve missed the summer league in person.  Steph Curry vs. Tyreke was the first game I ever went to and I’m not sure any of the summer league games have lived up to the hype.

Looking forward to another great NBA season.

Have a good night and drive home safely.

Sting’s Comeback Secnario

February 14, 2014

The scene is set. February 24th in Green Bay, WI. Undertaker has already been booked to make his return to apparently set up a work for Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans. We expect a typical I challenge somebody and they accept or whatever. However, Taker gets the mic and says that there is nothing left to prove. The Streak has conquered every opponent that it has encountered. He has defeated every Champion, Hero, and Villains that the WWE has to offer. He’s defeated Hall of Famers, monsters, and family members. He says that he doesn’t see another match for him at wrestlemania as there are no wrestlers left in the WWE that have the status of an ICON that have deemed themselves worthy. The purplish-blue light that he basks in shuts off for a good 10 seconds. A spotlight turns on and focuses on a black baseball bat that is now at his feet in the ring. He picks it up and looks up to the Wresltemania XXX sign above the ring. Right above it, in the rafters, we see a Crow perched on the railing.
We hit to commercial and when we return we replay the highlights. Cole and JBL comment that they think they know what the bat and crow represented but that as far as they know they WWE does not have any new superstars under contract. The King points out that the lights went out right after Taker mentioned that no ICONS were left to challenge the streak. They go on to promo the WWE network launch and show some highlights which happen to include Sting with the crow and the baseball bat. They never mention the name Sting on the show and allow the internet to do it for them. They build it till Raw in Chicago and attempt to quell some of the insane backlash they are going to get from CM Punk fans by having Sting make a WWE debut that has been 30 years in the making.